Mustafa Amin Fabrics

Old Operations


We buy yarn from reputable spinning mills producing the best quality yarns. We have worked with specific spinning houses for many years and have a good relationship built with them which ensures us that we are supplied good quality yarns consistently at the most competitive prices which enables us to pass on the pricing benefits to our customer.


We work with reliable weavers having auto looms, shuttle less looms and air jet looms. We work on conversion, overhead and sale purchase terms with them depending on the situation. We try to ensure the construction is exactly as the customer’s requirement that meets the GSM, shrinkage and the composition of fabric. Before issuing the fabric for processing, the fabric gets mended to ensure we get the best result after the process as required.


We have care, winch, continuous processing done from the most well known textile industrial commercial units who have the expertise to provide the desired result


We have in house stitching machines where we specialize to stitch home and institutional bedding and terry products. The stitching of value added textiles is outsourced

Checking & Packaging

This procedure is entirely in house which allows us to maintain the quality of goods exported without any defects.